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Ch 9john dewey and robert Hutchins traditionalists disagreed over the appropriate means for achieving common goals such as reading understanding the past or experience lithutchins wrote a book called education for freedom talking about progressive educators like john deweyabraham citron a progressive agrees that their nation needs education for freefom but suggests that hutchins meaning of achieving these desirable goals gives comfort to the forces of social and educational reactionhutchins view suggests that human freedom could best be achieved through recognition and understanding of the unchangeable truthsin contrast experimentalists consider the world to be developing with no outcomed patternsince traditionalists and progressives agreed that human civilization was in stakeProgressives how hutchins sees them hutchins criticized the progressives for supporting skepticism where one should not have an absolute truthdoubting to the truth of something theory that certain knowledge is impossiblethinking like i dont know cause nobody can everything is a matter of opinion ill take no position cause im tolerant and openmindedAlder finds people who think progressive are just skeptical and just want to avoid the truthTraditional hutchins didnt approve of the vocational educational education where it prepares trainees for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities traditionally nonacademic and totally related to a specific trade occupation only develop producers and consumersdidnt like the idea where gold was
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