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Andrew Blaber

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PDE (p1-16) Introduction -this book is about philosophy theories or education...with arguments, presentation, etc.. -thinker include...plato, aristole, rousseau, dewey -contemporary theorists include...marin luther king, maxine greene, nel noddings, parker palmer -exposes views of women and minorities...ideas that were ignored in the past -each chapter ends with questions for us to think a rhetorical question? Terms: anthology: gathered works of writing, passages, poems, etc...which reflects interests, value, perspectives, to criticism Differing Perspectives on what it means to be Educated The Fallible Human Being: -some say the ideal educated person as the 'battle for the mind' ~this 'battle' has history... ~started when Athenians killed Socrates for destroying the youth of his teaching ~Athenians thought Socrates as a wise man. Socrates said he was a teacher unlike any kind ~Socrates awareness of his ignorance made him wiser than other 'fallible humans' who claimed to be he spent his life questioning these people and revealed their ignorance ~Socrates helped others to see their own told students not to think but improve thinking by finding out problems or weaknesses in their reasoning ~this is done by using such discoveries to improve recognizing and learn from our mistakes. Terms: ignorance: lack of knowledge fallible: able to make mistakes..humans make mistakes. Me: -noticed we humans are labeled fallible. -i agree -we learn from our mistakes. I agree The Critic or Gadfly(annoying person) -ever since socrates 'critic' and 'teaching', athens accused him, tried, convicted, sentenced to drink hemlock(poison)..but socrates refuse to leave dies there The Guardian -Plato thinks intellects in Athens were in 'trouble'/vulnerable -Plato labeled himself as the all-knowing philosopher king..not a critic -argues that there's a universal reality and it is possible for people to achieve certain knowledge through many years ..aka extremely thorough studying.... -real world/world of ideas is accessed by using our intellect/senses -the soul (mind) must reach true reality through understanding, while vision is an unreal distraction, and any "sight into your soul" produces false vision -he says to those who know the truth, they will be the guardian for those who don't know the ultimate truth...says that everyone will benefit when the truly wise are in charge -agrees with Socrates that intellects should be teachers, but to him, education is to find and guide the intellects and socialize those less intellects into lesser roles in life...(only a few should share the political power) Terms: vulnerable: in a position where they may be attacked/harmed (emo
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