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Ch 8 complex cognitive processes.doc

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EDUC 220
Robin Barrow

Ch 8 complex cognitive processesMetacognition awareness of ones own cognitive machinerythinking processes reasoning prob solveExecutive control process process like selective attention rehearsal elaboration and organizationmetacognitive skills bc they can be used to regulate cognition3 kinds of knowledge declarative procedural and selfregulatoryAlso includes knowledge about the value of applying cognitive strategies in learning3 skills to think and learn plan monitor and evaluateIndividual differences in metacognitionAs kids grow older theyre more able to exercise executive control over strategies dev around age 57Eg are more able to determine if they understood the instructionsBiological difvariation in learning experiencesLearning strategies flexible outlines for accomplishing learning goals an overall plan of attackLearning tactics specific techniques that make up the planyour strategy to learning material may include the tactics of using mneomics to remember key terms skim chapter write answers to possible exam qs ur strategies and tactics reflects metacognitive knowledgestudents must be exposed to many dif strategiesnot only general but specific tactics for certain subjectsstudents should be taught selfregulatory knowledge about when where and why to use various strategies students should develop the desire to emply these skills motivationstudents should receive direct instruction in schematic knowledgeexample of learning tactics for verbal infoattention learning make outlines underlineschema building story grammars networking and mappingidea elaboration selfquestion imageryexamples of learning tactics for procedural infopattern learning hypothesize identify reasons for actionsselfinstruction compare own performance to expert modelpractice partwhole
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