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Ch 4 Learner Differences and Learning Needs.doc
Ch 4 Learner Differences and Learning Needs.doc

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Simon Fraser University
EDUC 220
Robin Barrow

Chapter 4 Learner Differences and Learning NeedsLanguage and labelingExceptional students have high abilities in certain areas math music artOthers have learning disabilities communication disorder emotionalbehavioral disorder autism brain injuryDont teach in one method for students labeledteach in various methodsJust cause one is fighting doesnt mean hes labeled as having a behavior disorderDisability inability to do something specific Handicap disadvantage in certain situations disabilities can lead to handicap eg blindness visual disabilityhandicap if you want to drivebut not when youre talking on the phoneIntelligenceSome early theories of intelligenceThe capacity to learnThe total knowledge a person has acquiredThe ability to adapt successfully to new situations and to the enviro in generalhigher level of thinking abstract reasoning prob solving decision makingStructure of intelligence one ability or manySpearmangeneral intelligence g perform mental tests but each test requires some certain abilities in addition to g a general factor in cognitive ability thats related in varying degrees to performance on all mental testsRelated to WMCattellHorn fluid intelligence mental efficiency and reasoning ability thats culturefreenonverbalbrain dev change in brain volume myelinization dopamine receptors processing abilities decreases wagecrystallized intelligence ability to apply culturallyapproved probsolving methods skills increase w agemathematical reasoning falls under fluid and crystallized intelligenceTheory of multiple intelligence 8 GardnerLinguisticMusicalSpatial visualLogicalmathematicalBodilykinestheticInterpersonal can respond to moods motivations and desires of othersIntrapersonal knowledge of ones own feelings and abilitiesNaturalistMay be more than 8 spiritual existential contemplate meaning of lifeEvidence of brain damage may cause one of the intelligence to malfunctionIntelligencebiological8 intelligence are NOT independentcan correlate Some intelligencejust talentsbodilykin musical or personality traits interpersonalGardner disagrees that intelligencelearning stylesMultiple intelligence theory disapproves the gTriarchic theory of intelligence Strenberg cog process to understanding intelligence or successful intellige
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