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Ch 11 motivation in learning and teaching.doc

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EDUC 220
Robin Barrow

Ch 11 motivation in learning and teachingMotivation internal state that arouses directs and maintains behaviorWhat choices do pple make about their behaviorHow long does it take to get startedWhats the intensity or level of involvement in the chosen activityWhat causes a person to persistgive upWhats the person thinking and feeling while engaged in activityLocus of causality the location internal or external of the cause of behaviorwe cant tell if one is motivated intrinsicallyextrinsicallystudents reason for actingintrinsic and extrinsic tendencies2 independent possibilities and we can be motivated by some of eachintrinsicselfdeterminedextrinsicdetermined by others5 approaches to motivationBehavioral use an incentiverewardpunishmentHumanistic humanistic interpretations personal freedom choice selfdetermination personal growthCognitive activecurious intrinsic motivationdetermined by our thinking using schemasattributionsexpectationsSocial cognitive behaviorcognitiveexpectancy x value theories if either one is 0 no motivationSociocultural identities interpersonal relations with community if they do it ill do it toolegitimate peripheral participation beginners involved in work in the group even if abilitiesunderdevelopedmaslows hierarchy of needslast 4 level of needsdeficiency needs must be satisfied firstfirst 3 level of needsbeing needs when met ones motivation doesnt stop but increase further fulfillmentselfdetermination theory we all need to feel competent and capable in our interactions in the worldhave some control over our lives connect to others belong in a social groupneed for autonomyneed for relatedness care positive relationship with teacherspeersparents
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