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Ch 6 Behavioral views of learning.doc

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Simon Fraser University
EDUC 220
Robin Barrow

Chapter 6 Behavioral views of learningLearning process where experience causes permanent change in knowledge or behaviorBehavioral learning theories explains learning focusing on external events as the cause of change in behaviorEarly explanations of learning contiguity and classical conditioningAristotle we remember things together whenTheyre a similar they contrast and are contiguous association of 2 events because of repeated pairingCCNeutral stimulus stimulus not connected to a response eg toneUnconditioned stimulus stimulus that naturally elicit response eg foodUnconditioned response natural response eg salivationOperant conditioning trying new responsesSkinner many human behaviors are operants not respondents Antecedents events that precede an actionConsequences events that follow an actionABC model antecedentbehaviorconsequencereinforcement examples always send kid to office this consequence is reinforcing him to behave bad again wear a new outfitlots of compliments fall out of chairlaughter and cheers in class behavior being reinforced doesnt have to be positive to be a positive reinforceras long as it elicits strengthening behavior reinforcement examples the sound car makes when seatbelts not fastenedbuckle up to get rid of aversive soundBecome sick to avoid taking tests may also be CCContinuous reinforcement schedule present a reinforce after every appropriate responseEg turning on the tvrapid learning but rapid disappearance of response tooIntermittent reinforcement schedule present reinforce after some responsesInterval
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