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Ch 1 Thinking about education.docx

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EDUC 230
Robin Barrow

Ch 1 Thinking about educationcheck out quote in the beginning of chapterostudents dont do their hw and are no longer taught subjectsoobject of school is not to transmit a body of knowledge but encourage them to love learning for its own sakephilosophy make sense of arguments and ideasoconcerned with real live issuesSphere of educationtoday theres a fast expanding system of higher education including institutions focusd on diverse things like art computing cooking fashion businesstoday theres a constant call for further qualifications and practices like mechanics medical hospitalitygovts increase their spending on education all the timeand says that its one of their first prioritieseducation is very big business takes in most of the resources is studying the history of Greece or learn how to cook educationPolitics and education like politi
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