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EDUC 240
Derek Bingham

Vlad Frecautanu Mid-Semester Update As far as my project goes I have decided to do a survey of the teachers at my old high-school, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. Since we were first explained about the project and given suggestions, I have been trying to come up with a topic that was interesting for me to find out opinions on, as well as that would relate directly to the teachers. The topic is going to be “Banking Education vs. Problem Posing Education” because that was something that really caught my eye that I never really thought about, and of course it relates to how teachers teach. I also chose a survey format and my old school because I am curious to know what my old teachers think about these teaching methods, and the survey format will serve as a fast way of getting their opinions, as well as the shorter it is, the more participants I will get. In terms of the topics discussed in class, I am actually enjoying most of the issues that are brought up. Without this class I would have never thought of many of the problems in our education system that are brought up in the course. One of the very first topics that we discussed was the idea of the education system made like an assembly line. Besides the fact that schools were created around the same time that assembly lines were created, the way the system works can be compared to an assembly line. In an assembly line you try to mass produce the best product possible in the fastest most efficient way, and you do that by building it in a certain order. Schools work the same way, a person has to go through kindergarten, then elementary school, then high-school, then, in most cases, university. By doing that, you are systematically teaching a student everything he needs to know about a certain subject from the basics to the more complicated aspects of it, and then he is sent into the work force. The way I see it, the government is mass producing workers, in the fastest most efficient way, by giving them all the knowledge they require systematically. Another topic that caught my eye was the idea that “knowledge is property”. Again, I never thought of it that way. And it’s true, one way or another we pay to go to school at all levels. An
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