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Niall Mac Kenzie

Free indirect narration (style, discourse) a) “I bit into the pizza and it was so hot that I screamed in agony.” b) “Joe bit into the pizza. 'Damn!' he screamed. 'That's hot!Are you assholes trying to kill me?” c) “Joe bit into the pizza. 'Damn!' he screamed. Spitting the cheese all over the table. He wondered if they were trying to kill him.” d“The moment Joe bit into the pizza, he spat cheese all over the table. It was fiercely hot, Were they trying to kill him?” di “The moment Joe bit into the pizza, he spat cheese all over the table. It was fiercelyThese assholes trying to kill him, or what”? 1“Stupid to be crying at this silly piece of Brahams,' he thought.” 2“Ted watched the orchestra through stupid tears.” 3the word 'stupid' creates further possible meaning...might belong in part with the author/third person narrator and Ted himself (a double-edged word) Black robe examples: pp7/6: Champlain looked at the Savages , who squatted on the floor, their knees high as their heads. The Savages considered it ill-mannered to parley while standing. While he had been careful to remain seated, the Jesuit carelessly paced the room. “The young man you are sending with him is a boy, not yet twenty,” Champlain said. •Carelessly: can be pure free discourse thought from Champlain (he feels an irritation; judgment upon the Savages....only from Champlain) •or merge with the third-person narrator/author pp 130/176 Chomina, with astonishing agility, leaped on Daniel, circling his neck with his arm, the knife which he held his left hand laid across the boy's throat.......Chomina, lying on his back, felt a sudden fear of this Blackrobe sorcerer who stood above him like a manutou, waiting to cleave his skull. He dropeed the knife and the boy picked it up. •Last paragraph: close third-person
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