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The Corporation By Joel BakanBakan has a more direct angle on his book than Thornton Corporations are evil Aristotleethos logos pathosEthos is appeal based on the character of the speaker An ethosdriven document relies on the reputation of the authorLogos is appeal based on logic or reason Documents distributed by companies or corporations are logosdriven Scholarly documents are also often logosdriven Pathos is appeal based on emotion Advertisements tend to be pathosdrivenBakan is using more pathos for his general audience Ways to persuade people Bakan is an academic writing for a popular audience and uses more pathos than you would generally expect Chapter 1The Corporations Rise to Dominance Page 5 Today corporations govern our liveswhat does the verb govern actually mean ControlPage 5 They determine what we eat its like parents telling what their kids should eat Page 5 We are inescapably surrounded by their culture iconography and ideology commercials and ads everywhere Page 5 And like the church imposing buildings and elaborate displays EA Games in BurnabyWithin the first paragraph it makes the audience feel threatened It made it appear like we used to have a lot of freedom and now we have no choice Bakan an academic is using pathos which is unfair in the academia world The first paragraph shouldnt be so emotionally indicativeIf he hasnt scared us in the beginning we might not have read it What to do with the pathos Capitalism itself How did corporations changeThey never used to be like they are today Page 8 The genius of the corporation as a business form and the reason its remarkable rise over the last three centureies wasand isits capacity to combine capital and thus the economic power of unlimited numbers of people
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