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ENGL 103W Study Guide - Final Guide: Motivated Reasoning

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Torsten Kehler
Study Guide

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English 103W terms
Theatre- “to see, watch and observe”
Obscene-not seen on stage or off stage which also comes from the Latin word meaning
Hubris- excessive pride/self confidence
Anagnorisis-Greek word for recognition
o Root: Gnosis which means knowledge
o Moment in the play the character finally sees his or her situation.
o When they understand what is happening to them and why.
Peripeteia- A sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances
o Usually happens in the plot.
o Moment where the tragic protagonist screws up.
o Everything goes wrong for them.
o Plan fails
Catharsis-process of releasing and thereby providing relief from strong or
repressed(inhibited) emotions
Harmatia- a fatal flaw
Hot Cognition- a motivated reasoning phenomenon in which a person’s responses (often
emotional) to stimuli are heightened. OR an emotion affected by a strong emotional state
o Something that is not irrational
Schadenfreude-pleasure in someone else’s pain/discomfort
Titular- When a character’s name is the title of the play
o Ex. Antigone.
Nomos-what happens in our world is through the power of convention, not from the gods
that control us
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