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Simon Fraser University
First Nations Studies
FNST 101
Annie Ross

FNST 101 – practice exam for MT 3 1. Which one of these is an example of testimony? A. Creation Stories B. Song and Prayers C. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions D. Ghost Dance E. Coyote and Raven 2. Which is not one of the Ojibway 7 Grandfather teachings: A) Love B) Wisdom C) Strength D) Truth E) Humility 3. Originally, how many points does a "Dreamcatcher" have? A) 4 B) 6 C) 7 D) 10 E) 5 4. The Cohen Commission recommended to: a) Prioritize wild salmon health b) Use the precautionary principle c) Remove all fish farms d) a and b e) b and c 5. First Nations concerns are ______'s concerns. a) First Nation b) Canada c) No one d) Everyone e) Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia 6. What is NOT a factor that affects consumption of country foods? A) Thinning ice B) Climate change C) Shifting migration routes D) Changing weather patterns E) Not enough time to prepare food 7. Which one of these is NOT considered to be a "Sacred Narrative"? a)prayers b)songs c)the box of daylight d)poems e)all of the above 8. Truth and Reconciliation Committees does NOT: a) tell Canadians what happened in the Indian Residential Schools b) honour the lives of former students and their families c) create a permanent record of the Indian Residential School legacy d) distribute funds to those affected by Indian Residential Schools e) operate worldwide 9. The three sisters refer to: a. An oral testimony about three spiritual sisters b. Three sisters who survived IRS and went on to be leaders in their communities c. Three types of maize d. Three indigenous plants who grow very well together; corn, beans, squash 10. What was the significance of the Cohen Commission Recommendations? a) To pressure the government into an inquiry for missing Aboriginal women b) To ban GMO's from natural vegetation c) To make safety changes to the Highway of Tears d) To protect wild salmon from open net pen aquaculture e) none of the above 11. Matching: 1) The Box of Daylight a)personal experiences told in the first-hand 2) Testimonio b)Oral Testimony 3) Aboriginal Oral History c)Creation Story 4) Sacred Narratives d)are proprietary (to a select group) 5) Debra Video e)explains all of life's mysteries and practical concerns 12. What is the highway of tears? a) missing and murdered aboriginal men along hwy 16 b) missing and murdered aboriginal women along hwy 16 c) A traditional aboriginal dance d) none of the above 13. What do man and wolf have in common? A) travel the world together B) speak the same language C) are family members who hold the world sacred D) all of the above E) none of the above 14. Why is the Sacred Mother Corn portrayed as female? a) Because corn has the power to cease hunger. b) Because corn has the power to reproduce; one can make thousands. c) Because corn has the power to reach the spirit world. d) Because corn has the power to heal injuries. 15. Which is NOT a color of corn? A) black B) red C) green D) white E) yellow 16. What are 3 main elements of right food? a) adequacy, obligation, availability b) accessibility, availability, adequacy c) accessibility, honesty, truth d) sacred, accuracy, obligation 17. “The legal duty for the Crown to refer and discuss matters with First Nations dealing with protection of Aboriginal and treaty rights” is known as: a) Testimonio b) Aboriginal Title c) Treaty 9 d) Duty to Consult 18. What does the NWAC stand for? a) North Western Aboriginal Committee b) North Western Aboriginal Counsel c) Native Women's Accreditation Counsel d) Native Women's Association of Canada 19. The NAWC continues to call for a... a) National Awareness Campaign b) National Public Inquiry c) National Framework of Action d) b & c e) None of the Above 20. Which of the following is NOT a part of Treaty 8? a. guarantees continuation of the Native ways of life b. remains valid as long as the "sun shines, grass grows & rivers flow" c. a government has a duty to consult with & accommodate affected First Nations d. attempts to destroy Native People e. all of the above 21. Corn has four colors which represent clouds, humans, butterflies and other aspects of creation. What are the four colors? a) Green, Red, Yellow, White b) Black, Yellow, Red, White c) Blue, Green, Red, Yellow d) Red, White, Black, Green e) Yellow, Grey, Red, Blue 22. What is the function of Corn in the 3 sisters? a) Supports the beans b) Adds nitrogen to the soil c) Gives shade to the other plants d) Nothing e) It is not part of the 3 sisters 23. What is the function of Squash in the 3 sisters? a) Supports the beans b) Adds nitrogen to the soil c) Gives shade to the other plants d) Nothing e) It is not part of the 3 sisters 24. What is the function of Beans in the 3 sister
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