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SFUGEOG 102Faran AliFall

GEOG 102 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ecological Footprint, Industrial Revolution

OC15851971 Page
5 Dec 2017
Un (cid:862)a(cid:271)out (cid:1008)/(cid:1009) of glo(cid:271)al populatio(cid:374) has i(cid:374)ade(cid:395)uate food, housi(cid:374)g a(cid:374)d s
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SFUGEOG 102Faran AliFall

GEOG 102 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Internally Displaced Person, Forced Migration, Circular Migration

OC6833217 Page
17 Nov 2012
Differentiate between pull and pull factors that trigger migration. Human migration is one of the many population related problems. People can either c
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SFUGEOG 102Merrin MacraeFall

COMPLETE FINAL REVIEW Professor Macrae gave us a list of questions we should answer before writing the final. I have completed the entire extensive list, complete with thorough definitions for all terms, concepts, theories and processes. Notes include

OC1766318 Page
16 Oct 2011
Latitude runs east to west but goes from north to south skewed. Longitude runs north to south but goes from east to west better proportioned: geographi
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