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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Hist- Ch 5 &&&writing assignment:ch 8 and 10 from writing history guide.&&& Acadia: - Nova Scotia,New Brunswick,little bit of Maine. - found in 1600s,by Pierre dumont and Samuel champlain. - French by 1667 - Little state support - own alliances with natives - independent attitudes,especially towards authority. - small,dispersed population - see-sawed France--England - small garrisons: - 55 Seigneuries,no real effort to establish the class system from France,like in St. Lawrence. - formed relationships with aboriginals in the area,forming Metis. - Detached from main New France colony due to british-french ownership The French in Newfoundland - 17th century,south coast - migratory fishery - training for seamen - Plaisance:colony established on the southwest coast of Canada.Protected fishery,some residents (admin,troops and fishing families.) - Colbert realized the value of the fishing industry. French Colonial Policy - shift,late 1600s- mid 1700s - struggle over territorial control Difficulties in FurTrade - competition (couriers de bois--- unlicensed,trying to cut out native middlemen by getting furs by themselves,and missionaries and explorers.) - social problems (trade in alcohol,loss of farm labour,loss of power from seigneuries) Attempted Remedies: - restricting alcohol trade -Amnesty to couriers de bois,trying to encourage them to return. - ineffective,most couriers de bois stayed out of the colony and expand. Frontenac,governor of Quebec Rene-Robert Chevalier de la salle - sent by frontenac to explore,trading along Mississippi, - alliances with Illinois upset French-Iroquois trade (increasing tensions) ---- Escalating violences,1689s-1690s War of the League ofAugsburg,1689-1697 - Louis XIV wants to expand territories and spread catholicism. -War with Protestant states - Fighting in colonies,territories lost,returned byTreaty of Ryswick,1697 - League ofAugsburg:Protestant states,mostly Britain and the Netherlands. -War of the league ofAugsburg:European affair,between protestant states and the Catholic French. - British invadeAcadia and other states,English fort in Hudson's bay captured by French,treaty returns all original colonies Frontenac:fortified trading posts in interior and forms new alliances with Natives. This backfires when the Natives plan their own military and trade systems. - Iroquois counter-alliances - Increasing hostilities - Severe threat to Frenc
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