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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Lecture English and Fishery - English Shore- Migratory fishery fromWest of England - French were there too,modern Labrador and NFL.Lost to land to English in war but still had fishing rights. - English shore:where the english would come ashore to cure(salt) their fish. - after awhile,started to leave crews behind,and led to more English staying. The Fishery at NFL - Protein for Europe - International - English dried fish on shore - mostly migratory,17th century - Few remained through winter early on - increasing effort to stay on island - conflict between those who want to maintain migratory fishery and those who want to settle. Early Colonization 17th C - Most official attempts failed - lack of capital - poor agriculture - Pirates and French and Dutch privateers(get consent from govt) everywhe -Anti-settlement lobby,West Country,where migratory fishery was set up. - settlement near shoreline was banned at one point;no settlement. - Little government support - Some English and Irish fishers remained. - By late 1600s approved settlement,starting to pick up cheap labour from Ireland Increasing stablity 18th C - French threat removed,1713 - Offshore bank fishery developed to increase range of fishing - minor trappings of governance - Still primarily fishing station not a colony - English govt doesn't really want them there but need some type of governance. - 1729,governor appointed,migratory governor,wasn't required to stay in NFL. 1660 - Radisson and Groseilliers came up with idea of shipping from Hudson Bay - French authorities didn't approve and rejected them - Radisson and Groseilliers then went to sell their idea to the English - English agreed because of the high quality of fur up north. - Charter,1670,Charles II - Exclusive right to trade with Natives in Rupert's land (all the land framing the rivers all the way to Hudson Bay) - Prince Rupert was one of the principal investors - Company was to give the monarch two elk and two beaver whenever he arrived in the land. HBC: - posts forming along Hudson Bay - idea that natives would come down river
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