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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

French- British tensions,1713-55 200 acadians at Fort Beausejour British fears ofAcadian treachery Expulsion of theAcadians,1755 - 11000 deported - properties burned - communities and families separated - most--- other british colonies,not expected,feared,restricted - men sent away first - some went to french colonies or returned to France - some hid in Nova Scotia - diaspora:deportation from one's homeland.Acadians were deported from Nova Scotia,their home. - terrible moment in canadian history: Mi'kmaq under suspicion - allies of the French - resisted british sovereignty - british harassment - rewards for capture - Governor Lawrence wanted to crack down on native resistance.Offered rewards for capture of mi'kmaq 7 years' war (1756-63) French: - shift in balance of power in NA,affects colonies a lot more than other wars. Significant and lasting shift,and balance of power in NA. - French and Native allies,early wins (vicious wins) but... -- major leaders disagreed: ---- Marquis de Montcalm:in charge of land soldiers,conventional european techniques,defend St.Lawrence core ---- GovernorVaudreuil:guerilla tactics(ambush.using terrain to advantage), defend all territories British: - blockade French colnies - lay siege and wait for them to surrender (no supplies left for french) - Louisbourg fell,1758 - British lay siege on Quebec (Quebec desperate at this point,crop failures, typhus broke out,raised prices,etc) - 12 Sept 1759,Battle of Plains ofAbraham,Wolfe defeated Montcalm - Quebec surrendered t
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