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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

First Nations after war - fur prices fell-- only one buyer,no more competition - fewer lower-quality trade goods given to aboriginals. -- annual presents given by french gone,british don't need to do anything. - displaced european settlers,land speculators. royal proclamation,1763 - protect native territories,lands not held by britain,---- "Indian territory" ---any land that had not been formally ceded to Britain were reserved as indian territory - sales west of Native Response - resistance,especially inland - some violence-- eg.Ponetiacs uprising,1763 -Wm.Johnson,Molly and Joseph Brant-- negotiated boundaries of Indian territory but were ignored. Quebec James Murray Guy Carleton - eased transition to british rule,led to quebec act of 1774 QuebecAct,1774--- used to blend british and colonial rule - seigneurial system - english criminal law - french civil law - catholics in law,government - no elected assembly - borders extended,Ohio territory,Labrador,northern areas. Dissatisfaction - habitants:traditional land ownership,authority - anglo-protestants merchants:no democracy -American colonists:Ohio territory annexed - Native groups:traditional lands annexed - British:Catholic freedoms Nova Scotia - 1758,elected assembly - immigration encouraged - New England "planters" - "Yankees",dissenters (those not of theAnglican Church;other protestants) -Acadians were allowed to return in they swore allegiance but land was taken (mostly by planters)and went into fishing settlements,became fishers,not planters. - mix of europeans,mostly protest
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