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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Rivals in the fur trade: HBC Hudson's Bay company - British - Ruperts land - moved into interior after US revolution NWC Northwest company - montreal based - mostly anglo-protestant - traders living in the interior ("wintering partners") Native Peoples and the Western Fur trade Pros: - wooed by rivals - received high-quality goods Cons: - Intimidation by traders - dependence on trade goods - loss of sense of community Decline in women's status Overall, a mixed experience. Ojibwa - over-harvesting, dislocation - increasing debt - loss of independence Blackfoot - expanded territory - self-sufficiency BUT - violence (gun trade) decline in women's status: too many women, became second, third wives. - increasing individualism.' The Metis - mixed white and native heritages - shared common sense of identity - cultures drew from native, european, canadian tradition - saw themselves as culturally distinct - viewed by white and native societies as culturally distinct -- some Metis weren't welcomed back to their communities. Metis men in the fur trade - English metis -- labourers at HBC posts - French metis -- in their own communities -- pemmican to NWC traders -- guides for NWC - Low status, low-paying work - No advancement Red River settlement - 1812 Lord Selkirk in charge of it, near Winnipeg - intended as agricultural colony -- supply food to traders, cut down costs on foodstuffs coming from Britain.
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