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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Immigrants to the Canadas - Mostly british--- Upper Canada - Push Factors: -- economic recession -- overpopulation -- land clearances -- landlord oppression -- Religious and political discrimination - Pull factors: -- socio-economic advancement -- independence -- good farmland Irish Immigrants - Most not poor urban dwellers - many went to rural areas - primary industries: trades and professions - life in city temporary. 3:40 Immigration and Social Tensions - competition for land and jobs - spread of contagious diseases - Transfer of ethnic and sectarian tensions - Growth of orange order spread throughout Ireland, seizing a lot of power in Ireland and catholic response - communal violence Marginalization - "othering": creating the other, identifying yourself as the one, the perfect one. - Rhetoric of inclusion and exclusion - Dichotomies (binary offices): -- intelligence vs. ignorance -- industriousness vs. laziness -- wealth vs. poverty -- success vs. failure -- order vs. anarch -- civilized vs. unrestrained -- healthy vs. diseased -- us vs. them Native Peoples - seens as retarding settlement - many going into reserves -- protection? -- convenience? - political structures dismantled - white scutiny/supervision - had to be "civilized"-- then integrated. Rural Upper Canada - Land: costs, time to clear it, cultivate - Women: vital in household production, subordinate in law, informal power - child labour was common 15% of UC population in towns - Toronto, gover
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