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Simon Fraser University
HIST 101
Willeen Keough

history exam: 2 essays. pick one from a list. part b: primary document Hudson's Bay Company - HBC and NEC merger, 1821 - Fur trade monopoly - Natives lost negotiating power - streamlined operations - massive layoffs HBC Organization - Hierarchical -- chief factors, chief traders-- partners in the company who worked in the field --- clerks, apprentice clerks ---- Engages, labourers - Metis were rarely clerks - Natives at bottom - company control - worker resistance End of Paternalism in HBC - first governor George Simpson, had a capitalistic view on running company. Profit-oriented - cut staff and wages - little collective resistance, too dispersed First Nations and HBC - fewer goods for pelts - increased dependence - less for pelts, labour - disease--- natives' survival threatened. - overexploitation of resources-- natives took part, increased competition among natives - tradition questioned. The metis and the HBC - took part in buffalo hunt - community conservation measures - influenced by european ways - established farms, schools - resented HBC control over prices - illegal trade with americansr. Trial of Pierre Guillaume Sayer, 1849 - charged with illegal trading with americans - metis surrounded courthouse-- infuriated with monopoly of the company - guilty verdict but recommended mercy-- released. - metis saw this as a major right, and interpreted it as their right to trade with americans. - led to exhaustion of resources, extinct buffalo in that ar
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