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Willeen Keough

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- note -- subnote * my own notes or the prof's side notes Exam format: Part one A: one of out 5, 40% B: one out of 5, 40% Part 2: primary document 20% essay questions sent out this week. - she'll be in class next week. Issue of Confederation: how it's concieved, interested parties at the time, broader issues. - not unanimous or inevitable The Broader Context: - Intensifying nationalism in Western world: strength in union - Improved communication and transportation: Federal Union more feasible - American expansionism: American frontier marching westward, inspiring BNA to think about becoming unified; threat to the individual colonies. American 'Manifest Destiny' - potential of NorthWest -- agricultural -- Hinterland for eastern industrial base -- Gold rushes in BC Some Key players - George Brown: leader, reform party, Canada West - John A MacDonald: leader, conservatives, Canada West -- Brown and MacDonald didn't agree on the railway ideal MacDonald wanted it, Brown rejected it. - George-Etienne Cartier: leader, Bleu, Canada East - Charles Tupper: Premier, Nova Scotia Contentious Issues, Canadas - Representation by population -- English-Canadian majority for Union -- French Canadian minority against Union * by 1840 Act of Union, populations supposed to be equal in Canada West and East, but Ontario was increasing and so the English wanted representation by population. The French Canadiens were against the idea. - Double Majority was difficult to achieve - Separate Schools-- religious schools -- Canada East: wanted to insure that the Catholic Church would have separate state funding to support Catholic schools, mostly for Catholic and Francophone schools -- Canada West: Mostly protestant and Anglophone, resented extra spending on Catholic schools. * party, regional differences. - Loan guarantees to railways: government filled with railway investors. Canada's Proposal - 1864 constitutional co
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