HIST 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mary Ann Shadd, Quebec Act, Responsible Government

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History 101 Final Exam
Final Exam Overview – History 101
PART I – Identification questions (This section will be worth 50% of your exam
Each of the five terms you define will be marked out of 5. A maximum of 3 out of
5 will be awarded to answers that define the term, without identifying its historical
Choose 5 of the 10 terms listed below. For each, write a definition and explain its
historical significance. Each answer should be NO MORE THAN SIX To EIGHT
SENTENCES LONG. (there will only be 10 terms on the exam)
Metis Nation Royal Proclamation of 1763
Quebec Act Responsible Government
Mary Ann Shadd Cary Sylvia van Kirk and Jennifer Brown
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Sir James Douglas
BNA Act Emily Jennings Howard Stowe
Egerton Ryerson
Rise of the Institution (Houses of Industry, Penitentiaries, and Asylums)
PART II – short answer Worth 10% of your exam grade.
Ten questions, ten one word answers, five marks!
PART II – essay (This section is worth 40% of your exam mark)
Choose 1 of the 3 questions and write an answer in essay format for the question
you choose. Please try to bring in information and ideas from the readings,
lectures, tutorials discussions, and activities in your answer.
1. Role of Conquest, and the Loyalists and Late Loyalists in shaping the
course of events in British North America and the British North American
2. Root causes of the rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada and the
similarities and differences. Effects of rebellions.
3. Effects of the Industrial Revolution on the political, social, and economic
life of British North America.
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