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John- Henry Harter

QUIET REVOLUTION -In 1960’s there was intense change in Quebec -Election of the liberals of Lesage in 1960 in Quebec unleashed profound and intense change -The changes occurred suddenly and widespread that it received the name of Quiet revolution - Secularization of society - Separatist - Provincial government took over health care and education, which was previously under the control of the Roman Catholic church -Period of uncontrolled economic and social development STAGFLATION -Slow economic growth; economy fails to grow but prices rise anyway -The prices and the level of unemployment increase continuously = very slow economic growth -occurred in 1970’s and 1980’s, caused by “supply shock” (increase in price) NEO-LIBERALISM PARTI QUEBECOIS CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOM st -forms the 1 part of the constitution Act of 1982 -guarantees certain political rights to Canadian citizens and civil rights of everyone in Canada; unifies Canadians -Constitutions Act of 1982 resulted from the deal between Trudeau and provincial premiers – which include the Charter of Rights and Freedom -Charter guarantees Canadians freedom of speech, association, conscience, religion, and prohibited discrimination on the basis of colour, sex, or creed -voting rights, rights to legal counsel, and protection against arbitrary arrest -women and aboriginals fought for more rights in the charter; however, it was not very successful NISGA’A TREATY -treaty settled between the Nisga’s, the government of BC and the government of Canada -agreement allows the Nisga’s control over their land, including forestry, and fishing resources contained in it ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT -greenpeace: created by activists in Vancouver to protect nuclear testing at Amchitka in the Alvetian Islands -due to the publicity created by greenpeace, USA didn’t test -greenpeace continued to pursue in dramatic non-violent protest to raise other issues (ex. French nuclear testing, slaughter of dolphins and whales) -1970’s greenpeace spread throughout the world Significance: they had enough power to create an agreement with the U.S to tackle the problem of acid rain and eventually led the American congress to pass legislation that stops emissions -their key focus now is to reduce greenhouse gases ROYAL COMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN -direct response to the women’s movement -comission is comprised of 5 women and 2 men + Florence (journalist and broadcaster) as chairwoman -investigated and reported on all matters pertaining to the status of women and to make specific recommendations for improving the condition of women Significance: created a report with 167 recommendations to improve the conditions of women including: - Equal pay for work of equal value - Maternity leave - Day care - Birth control - Part time work and pension - Educational opportunities Also, this commission played a major role in defining the status of women as a legitimate social problem GOUZENKO AFFAIR -Igor gouzenko was a cipher clerk at the soviet embassy in Canada -as a cipher he decoded secret messages, helped him have access to secrets -he claimed that the USSR had a spy ring in Canada that looked at a
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