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John- Henry Harter

John A MacdonaldThe first prime minister of Canada in 1867 who is also a leading figure in the Conservative Party He made sure that Canada remained under the British control and promised to have the railway built which led to the Pacific Scandal Due to the Pacific Scandal his government was defeated in 1873 However he did protect Canada from the United States of America and built CanadaNorthwest RebellionNatives faced a revolution in which due to immigrants government intervention and the building of the railway led to a hardship in life for them Because of the disappearance of buffalo natives began to rebel and signed whatever contract the government offered them in order for a better life The natives petitioned to Ottawa for control of their own land but was ignored therefore they got Riel to help them get what they want in which resulted with a Indian war between the natives and government Significance Canadian government can get whatever they want and there is no point in starting a resistance The Indian ActThe act that Canadian government put upon the Indians for being uncivilized and not able to fit into society The Act consisted of many regulations to prevent the continuation of Indian traditions such as changing their traditions into the white traditions not allowed to drink alcohol and gender distinctions Women and children were labeled as Indians if the man of the house was an Indian The whole act was to iso
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