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HIST 254
Jeremy Brown

Song dynasty: 960-1276  Northern Song: 960-1127:  Southern Song: 1128-1276 Important terms: 1. Commercial revolution: selling; coin to paper money; invent compress, hand guns, maps. Example: Peace Reigns over the river. Technology is quite advanced: gun powder; high quality paper; painting press. Compress  Reasons for commercial revolution:  Not so much money on military  New technology of farming, double production of rice  Good transportation, make the commercial activities more convince. 2. Political effect: influenced by neighbor counties: Liao; Xi Xia; Jin. Song didn’t pay much resource to military. 3. Scholar: use civil exam; Teachers and scholars are respected. New Confucius: Zhu xi’s neo- Confucius. 4. Religions: altogether: Confucius& Daoism & Buddhism (Peace Reigns over the river) Primary resource: “Women and the problems they create”  Women power increase, more independent; Wang balang’s wife can earn their own money by doing business.  Women can choose to divorce  They have legal system Yuan Dynasty: 1276-1368 Important terms: 1. Reason to expand:  Global cooling: not so much grass to feed animals.  Aggressive in nature 2. Mongol rules:  Classify people into four categories: P257  Mongols  Central and Western Asians  Han ren  Southern Song  Civil exam was cancelled, and then it was taken back. But Mongol people still account for a largest percent. For example, Mongol people account for 1.4%, but they can be 30% of people who pass the exam. Zhu xi’s teaching becomes the standard curriculum. 3. Why Mongol rules are disaster?  Corruption: According to primary resource “Injustice to Tou O, Act 3” Officials accept money to make injustice judgment to people.  Mongol did well with water. Print more paper money to cover expense, which lead to inflation. People return to use coin and even barter instead of paper money.  Natural disaster: disease; poverty, which lead to rebellion 4. Yuan Drama  Zhao mengfu: Painter, calligraphy;  Zhao mengfu’s wife: Guan daosheng, Painter, calligraphy  Nizan: painter Primary resource: “Injustice to Tou O”  Confucius: Tou O treat her mother-in-law really good  Exam is a way to be officials, so Tou tianzhang sell his daughter to go for exams.  Mandate of heaven: pray to the heaven to punish bad people. Three wishes Ming Dynasty: 1368-1644 Important terms: 1. Zhu yuanzhang: (Hongwu): distrust people around him, he wants to be in control.  Alliance with local society  Establish Bureaucracy  Testing the system  Limiting officials  Attacking administrator  Distrust of everyone  Community elder system Qing Dynasty: 1636-1911 Important terms: 1. Tours Reason:  Kangxi:  Show
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