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Jeremy Brown

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Tang Dynasty First half is remembered as a golden age • Prosperous • Open to trade and foreign influence • Large territory extending into CentralAsia • Efficient government Emperor Taizong (626-649) • 2 emperor • Focused on efficient government • Kills his own brother and forces his father to abdicate to get power • Not very Confucian even though Confucius still popular • Story about him descending into hell to stand trial for murdering his brother. Says “a great sage will destroy his family in order to save the kingdom.” This shows how important the legal system is (even one in hell) Tang Legal Code • Developed under Taizong • Written book of laws revised every 10-15 years and adopted in later dynasties • Local magistrates hear all cases in county and emperor approves death penalties • Magistrate determines punishment based on use of force, social status, age, sex, and whether it involved Buddhist or government documents • Needed a confession to convict someone so used torture regularly • Both legalist and Confucian − Legalist: very specific punishments administered from a written
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