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Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienke Van Houten

Natural killer cells attack cancer cells Macrophages & neutrophils defend against pathogens by phagocytizing pathogens Complement proteins punch holes in plasma membrane causing cell to burst Inflammatory response may be initiated by the release of chemicals such as histamine by damaged cells Pathogen breaches body’s surface – inflammatory response next step Immediate function of histamine = decrease systemic blood pressure Immunity = ability to produce antibodies faster T & b cells = types of lymphocytes Secondary immune response = memory cells Cell mediated response = macrophages digest antigen to break up components which then bound by and presented to cell surface for removal Posterior pituitary doesn’t manufacture hormones but stores hormones produced elsewhere Level of thyroxine in blood regulated by … thyroxine & TSH inhibit secretion of TRH Adrenal medulla takes orders directly from brain through nerve waves FSH first to increase significantly every 28 days, initiating ovarian cycle LH – initiates dev of specialized cells in ovaries of woman & triggers androgen production by testes in men Peak in LH triggers ovulation around the 14 day of monthly cycle Cleavage – cell divisions that proceed so rapidly in dev embryo that there is no
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