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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Mark Lechner

HUMAN BIOLOGY HSCI 100 Spring 2014 Things to know and study for ExamI Lecture 1 - Chapters 1 and 2 • What is Science? What is not Science? • What is the scientific method and how is it used? • What is a control or a controlled study? • What is scientific error? • What is scientific bias? • What are Koch’s postulates? • What the characteristics of living things? • What is the overriding biological goal? • How is matter organized? What levels are involved? nd • What is equilibrium? What is entropy? And how do these relate to the 2 law of thermodynamics? • What are emergent properties and why are they important? • Be able to describe the different bonds between atoms • What is a molecule? What is a macromolecule? What is an ion? • Describe the general abiotic theory for the emergence of life Lecture 2 – Chapter 2 • Be able to recognize and distinguish characteristics and uses of different macromolecules • How is protein structure organized? • What is ATP and what is its role in cells? Lecture 3 (including supplement) – Chapter 3 and parts of Chapter 21 • Why are enzymes important for life and how do they work? • What is cellular respiration? • What are cells composed of? • What are the 3 domains of living organisms on earth? • What is a cell membrane and what functions does it provide? • Be able to describe tonicity, diffusion, osmosis and types of transport. • What are prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? Know their differences. • How did eukaryotic cells originate? • What are the major roles of the different organelles? • Be able to locate parts of cells and name them. • What do the cytoskeletal elements do for the cell? • What is the endomembrane system? HSCI100 Human Biology – Spring 2014 • What is endo/exocytosis? • What is the structure of DNA and a chromosome? • What is the central dogma of molecular biology? • What is a gene? • How is gene expression regulated and why? • What is transcription? • What is translation? • What is the genetic code? • Ultimately, how are proteins produced? Lecture 4 – Chapter 19 • How do cells grow and divide? • What is ploidy? • Be able to describe the order of the cell cycle and the function of each phase. • What are chromosomes and the 3 essential parts of a
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