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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 267
Helmine Serban

IAT267 Study Guide Unit 1 Technological Systems What are technological systems -classification Why study technological systems -abstraction -hardware/software Computers systems Two general principles of computer systems: Universal computing device -time, memory -Turing machine -Universal Turing machine Transformation between layers Computer Systems: key concepts -purpose of a Computer -hardware/Software -basic Operations Technological systems: key concepts -iterative design -trade-offs -real-world constraints -feedback -complexity management techniques Unit 2 Input, Output, and Transduction, Basic Electricity Concepts Computer systems-how we interact with them -computer as medium for interaction-examples The elements of interaction -why interaction -transduction, transducers, transducers for input/output -interaction in terms of computing (input, processing, output) -input, output classification (serial, parallel, analog, digital) The tools of interaction Electricity concepts -basic electrical circuit -voltage -current -flow of electricity -the breadboard -voltage regulator -Ohm’s Law Unit 3 Serial and Parallel Electrical Circuits, Intro to Sensors Series and parallel circuits Sensors -what are sensors -type of sensors Overview of sensors used in lab Classification of sensors Sensor technology-underlying physical principles Operating Principles -temperature, light sensing Quality parameters Sensor output -digital -analog Voltage divider principle Unit 4 Intro to Arduino What is Arduino Arduino family -hardware board -programming environment -developing environment Arduino board -components/role Arduino development cycle Arduino language Unit 5 The Arduino Language, Arduino Input and Output Flow control-how Arduino reads a program Arduino programming language Input and output with Arduino -digital input and digital output -anal
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