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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 267
Helmine Serban

Each Arduino sketch needs to have the setup() method. If the setup() is missing, the compiler will generate an error True To turn ON/OFF an LED using Arduino, the LED will be connected to a digital pin of Arduino Arduino can be powered up from the USB port of a computer system 'Wiring' is the programming language used to write code for Arduino To get input from a potentiometer, the potentiometer has to be connected to an analog pin of Arduino Arduino is a hardware tool, a programming environment, a sensor and a graphical user interface False For the voltage divider circuit if Vin = 6V & R1 =R2 = 300 Ohm Then the value of the output voltage Vout is 3 A 4 V * 3 V 6 V What kind of sensors use the Seebeck effect? Proximity sensors * Temperature sensors Force sensors Light sensors The input of an analog sensor is an electrical quantity, such as a variable resistance False Sensors measure a quantity from the environment, such as light, temperature, humidity, etc and produce an output in the form of an electrical quantity such as resistance or voltage, for example True Which of the sensors below is NOT an example of an active sensor? Temperature sensor based on the Seebeck effect * Force sensor based on the use of a resistive material Pressure sensor based on the piezoelectric effect The current in a series circuits with two resistors each having the resistance R has A larger value than in the case of a single resistor of value R The same value as in the case of a single resistor of value R * A smaller value than in the case of a single resistor of value R Based on the relationship for the equivalent resistance of a parallel circuit, the brightness of the LED in the case of a parallel circuit with two resistors each of resistance R is * brighter than in the case of a single resistor of value R dimmer than in the case of a single resistor of value R
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