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IAT 267 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Graphical User Interface, Thermometer, Pressure Sensor

Interactive Arts & Tech
Course Code
IAT 267
Helmine Serban
Study Guide

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Each Arduino sketch needs to have the setup() method. If the setup() is missing, the compiler
will generate an error
To turn ON/OFF an LED using Arduino, the LED will be connected to
a digital pin of Arduino
Arduino can be powered up from the
USB port of a computer system
'Wiring' is the programming language used to write code for
To get input from a potentiometer, the potentiometer has to be connected to
an analog pin of Arduino
Arduino is a hardware tool, a programming environment, a sensor and a graphical user
For the voltage divider circuit
if Vin = 6V
& R1 =R2 = 300 Ohm
Then the value of the output voltage Vout is
3 A
4 V
* 3 V
6 V
What kind of sensors use the Seebeck effect?
Proximity sensors
* Temperature sensors
Force sensors
Light sensors
The input of an analog sensor is an electrical quantity, such as a variable resistance
Sensors measure a quantity from the environment, such as light, temperature, humidity, etc
and produce an output in the form of an electrical quantity such as resistance or voltage, for
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