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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 336
Ken Zupan

Week 1 Introduction to Materials Design and Materials Qualities -materials are not just utilitarian -design materials are ubiquitous Who works with Materials in Design? -engineers -designers -deductive Reasoning -inductive Reasoning Consumers and how they look at Materials in Design Form Function Materials as Factors in Good Design Expression of Materials Week 2 Design Process and Material Evolution History of Design Materials Overview of Design Materials -ceramics -wood -glass -metals -plastics The Design Process What we mean by Design Origins of the Design Process Bubble Analogy Traditional Design Process Conceptual Design -inspiration -creativity -concept analysis Iteration and Development -optimization Detailed Design -clarification of strengths and weaknesses -integrity of materials -prototype and test Where Materials Fit In Week 3 Human Factors The Form of Function Adaptive Morphology Less is More Functionality The Evolution of Tools -discovery -invention/Intent -purposeful observation Mutation -primary -free -cross The Human Body as Influence on Tool Evolution The Human Body as Influence for the Design of Tools The Drawbacks of the Human Form Ergonomics and the Product Interface Anthropomorphic and Bio-mechanics Three Dimensions of Human Factors Human Factors Tables: Shortcomings Human Factor and Materials Week 4 Material Connotations Aluminum vs. Carbon Ceramics and Glass Polymers Materials Perceptions are Qualitative/Subjective Materials, Craftsmanship and Superstition -steel and iron Material Perceptions and Design Movements Modernism and Material Perceptions Politics and Material Perceptions -steel -wood New Materials and Clichés Week 5 Material Classes Natural/Organics Glass -Corning's Gorilla glass Metals -properties of Metals Ferrous Metals -cast/wrought iron -high carbon steel -alloy steels Case Hardening Metals Non-ferrous Metals -aluminum -magnesium -tin -zinc -nickel Week 7 Plastics The First Plastics Plastic Naming Conventions Plastics in Industry Synthesizing of Plastics -thermosets -elastomers -casting and molding Identifying thermosets and thermoplastics Thermoplastics -casting and molding -polyetheylene -polypropylene -polystyrene -ABS -PVC (polybinylc
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