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IS 220 Midterm: Readings

International Studies
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IS 220
Parker Stuart
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Territorial Expansion and The Roman Empire:
- Rome gained supremacy over large part of continental Europe; guaranteed
access to bulk commodities for army ensured their energies and manpower
were diverted into finding goods.
- Augustan Campaigns saw beginning of systematically organized flow of foods
from Mediterranean
- The Ostian Model : reinforces the interpretation that a state system was
responsible for the extended patterns of supply.
- Evidence shows volume of goods flowed northwards into the western
provinces between first early and third centuries was significantly greater
than in pre roman period
o Clearly correlated between the existence of these flows of goods and
commodities and the continuation of romes expansion
o Pridiau : a aual report of a ilitary’s uits coditio i respect
to personnel
o Easy to ship goods through water within the Mediterranean
o Rome had the possibility of exploiting their subsistence surpluses to
serve its political ambitions
Roman Indian Ocean:
- Roman Trade refers to private sector trade emanating from the zone of
political and military power from the roman empire.
- Economic Interaction between : Rome, India, Africa, Arabia, the Malay
Penninsula and China.
- With Romes control of mari time trade routes in Egypt, roman trade with the
east via the red sea accelerated.
- Problem not volume of eastern trade but the type of commodities that
garnered for wealthy Romans.
- Trade Centers of Arabia and Africa were the target of a renewed roman
- Monopolise: reference to the ability to regulate/ financial benefit from the
extraction of surplus from other regions via trade
- Romes trade deficit and lack of control over eastern conditions impacted
most heavily on the imperial aristocracy which both consumed a
disproportionate share of these commodities and were the predominant
source of the capital required for the eastern trade that secured them.
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