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ling 110 midterm 2003

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LING 110
Paul Mc Fetridge

Ling110 Midterm 2003-3 Name ____________________________________ Total: 84 ID Number ____________________________________ 1. For each word below, determine the original form of the pre fix, the language of origin of the prefix and indicate whether the prefix is negative or locative. If a phonological rule has applied to the prefix, formally identify the rule.(20). Prefix Neg. or Loc. Language Rule e.g. illegal in negative Latin l n+ → ll atheist an negative Greek n + C→ C unarmed un negative English inboard in locative English encephalitis en locative Greek inmate in locative English ignoble in negative Latin n+gn → gn irreality in negative Latin n + r→ rr anarchy an negative Greek impact in locative Latin n + p→ mp atom an negative Greek n + C→ C 2. For each word, determine whether it is derived from a past participle, a present participle or a simple root. (10) success past participle divide root deviant present participle transit past participle efficiencies present participle special root concurrent present participle impotency present participle invert root constant present participle 3. For each of the following words, isolate the root. (10) prescription scrib process ced infinite fin inaction ag respect spec computationalistic pu
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