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ling 110 midterm 2000

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LING 110
Paul Mc Fetridge

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LING 110 Fall 2000 Name ___________________________________ ID: ___________________________________ 1 For each word, determine the root from which it is formed and indicate whether it is formed from the past parti- ciple, the present participle or just the root (with or without the thematic vowel). (24 marks: 1 + 1/2 each) Root Present Participle,Past Participle or Root create cre Past Participle revise vid Past Participle reputation put Past Participle passion pat Past Partciple tendancy tend Present Participle reactive ag Past Participle transitory i Past Participle reflex flect Past Participle depend pend Root regent reg Present Participle divest vest Root facility fac Root dictionary dic Past Participle irrevocable voc Root instant sta Present Participle suffer fer Root sense sent Past Participle 2 For each English word, specify which rule or rules from the Germanic Consonant Shift have applied. Latin and Greek cognates are provided as reminders. Incorrect answers are deducted from correct. (11 marks) feather p -> f Latin: pen t -> T gaze gh -> g Latin adhesive dairy dh -> d Latin feminine foot p -> f Latin pedestrian d -> t flat p -> f Greek platypus walk g -> k Latin verge garden gh -> g Greek chiropodist town d -> t Greek dynamite Holland k -> h Latin cell toe d -> t Latin digit dear dh -> d Greek throne Tuesday d -> t Latin: deity 3 For each word, give its exact etymological structure. (15 marks) conclusion con + clud + e + t + ion erect ex or eks
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