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Simon Fraser University
MATH 157
Shiva Gol Tabaghi

Final test study tipsFinal includes direct questions from chapters 331 34 35 36 441 43 44 45 46 5 53 54 664 771 72 73 74 75 12class notesReview the test 1 and test 2 quizzes homework and class problems The test will have about 12 questions You will be asked to justify your answers by referring to the concepts that you have learned such as derivative tests You will be asked to interpret your answers Knowing definitions and derivative tests are helpful to get a good mark I posted a file called review notes You may benefit from reviewing that file Try the sample final exam to test your knowledge Here are some suggestions 1 Chapter 12 learn class notes and problems we did in class2 Section 75 read and learn page 401404 Practice the book examples and the class problems on optimization3 Section 74Practice book examples and class problems 4 Section 73read and learn page 371377 and practice graphing examples we did in class5 Se
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