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Phil-XX1 - Study Guide 1 - Chapters 1-3

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PHIL 105

Tuesday January 7 2014Study Guide 1Chapters 13 Phil XX1 Chapter 1 Arguments a set of sentences related in such a way that some of the sentences are presented as evidence for another sentence in the set An argument is a set of sentences one of which the conclusion is said to follow from the rest the premiseArgument has truth value true or falseTruth is a matter of getting it right Uttering a sentence which describes the world as it isWhat truth ISWhat IS trueThe point of an argument is to support the truth of its conclusion which requires the truth of all the premises the right type of support by the premises for the conclusion Premise a sentence that is offered as evidence in an argumentIndicatorsSinceForBecauseCan function explanatorily if the truth of the premise is already established Conclusion the sentence in an argument that is supposedly supported by the evidence IndicatorsTherefore drawing a logical connection based on a premises Thus Ergo Hence Truth of the premises supportslinks to truth of conclusion Do the premises have truth valueIs it enough to believe the conclusion is also truesave the big indicator words for revealing the big conclusions dont be repetitive Validity guarantees its conclusion only shows the connection between premises and conclusion Premises may not be true If all premises are true a false conclusion cannot occurIf the conclusion is false at least one premise must be false Soundness contains true premises 1
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