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Phil-XX1 - Study Guide 2 - Chapters 4-5

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PHIL 105

Tuesday January 7 2014Study Guide 2Chapters 45Phil XX1 Mills Methods Method of Agreement occurrences that are in common2 people get sick both ate same food antecedent circumstancesevents that came before causes Case CausesEffect 1XSRTU e2XWRTUS e3XBEW e 4XALPWQ eMethod of Difference X is cause for which E occurs lack of X prevents ECase Causes Effect 1XSRTUe occurs 2RTUS e does not occur Joint Method of Agreement and Difference two cases that are exactly similar except for the presence or absence of a single antecedent circumstance Method of Agreement is applied to all cases in which the condition occurs and again to all cases where condition does not occurMethod of Difference used to compare the two cases Case CausesEffect 1XSRTU e2XWRTUS e3XBEW e 4XALPWQ e 5ABCDe does not occur 6ATUSR e does not occur7SBTW e does not occur 8QVE e does not occur Method of Concomitant Variation Cause and Effect rise and fall together change in strength of effect is accounted for by a change in strength of the causeMethod of Residues Using leftover Causes to explain unexplained EffectsUsed with complex effects effects that could have more than one potential causeeffect XYZe1e2e3e4 Xe1 Ye2 Ze3 1
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