PSYC 100 Quiz: Psych 100 Chapter 3, 4 test review

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Neurons (a group of neurons form nerves) - cells in nervous system that communicate with each other to perform information-processing tasks. * they have a cell body, one axon, and at least one dendrite (vary in shape, size) * ( purkinje cell: tree-like/pyramidal: single, long dendrite with many small dendrites/bipolar: single axon, dendrite) Synapse coordinates information-processing tasks/keeps cell alive (contains nucleus) Extension of neuron, receives info. from other neurons and relays it to cell body (look like tree branches) Major types of neurons receive info. from external world and convey this information to the brain via the spinal cord. * neurons have natural charges that change as info. is passed * Na+ are closed. (-70 millivolts, which is used to generate action potential) All or none level that depolarization must reach for an action potential to occur. Period time following action potential in which a new action potential cannot be initiated.

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