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Ch 10 Intelligence.doc

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PSYC 102
Sherri Atwood

Ch 10 IntelligenceSir Frances Galton quantifying mental abilitiesShowed that eminence and genius occurs within certain families and they are more successfulbiasedAnd they are better at performing lab tasksmeasuring efficiency of nervous system of sensory strength speed of thingsthought the skull size reflects ones brain size and intelligenceAlfred Binets Mental testsInterested in solving practical problems instead of supporting a theoryAimed towards special kids who have problems in schoolhow do you know they will be special kidsAssumed that 1 mental abilities develop with age 2 the rate where people gain mental knowledge is a characteristic of the person and constant over time those who lag at age 5 may lag at age 10 tooHe combined standard ageappropriate qs and interviewed kids to determine if theyre performing the correct mental level for their agecreated mental age if a 5yro can solve 8yro qs their mental age is 8William Stern provides a relative score for mental age IQ ratio of mental age to your age x100 not apply to adultsLewis Terman revised Binets work into the gold standard for measuring aptitude that included mostly verbal itemsUsed to test intellects of Army Alpha verbal tests and Army beta nonverbal testsStandford BinetWechsler thinksrelied too much on verbal tests so created Wechsler AdultChildpreschool and primary scale for children intelligence skillsWAISWCISWPPSI Intelligence approaches psychometric approach structure of intellect and the kinds of mental performance psychometric statistic study of psychological testsidentify and measure abilities that underlie individual differences in performancefactor analysis reduces large number of measures to a smaller number of clustersfactors with each factor containing variables that correlate highly with one another but less highly with variables in other factorsclusters of variables different tasks are reduced into categories based on their similar correlationGeneralfactor determines intellectual performance in general your performance in math depends on your general intelligence and your specific ability to learn math gfactor may predict ones job success too
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