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Ch 17-Treatment to psychological disorders

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PSYC 102
Sherri Atwood

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Ch 17 Treatment to psychological disordersHEALING RELATIONSHIPBasic goal to treatment help change their maladaptive selfdefeating thought feelings and behavior patterns so they can live happierRelation bw client and therapist is important have their own theories of biomed approachesMajority of people with mental health probs go to families physicians clergynot professionalsCategories of mental health professionalsCounseling and clinical psychologists training and supervision in psychotherapeutic techniquesPsychiatristspsychotherapy and biomed treatments like drug therapyPsychiatric social workers work in communitiesMarriage and family counselorsPastoral counselors spiritual issuesAbuse counselors substance and sexual abusers and the victimsPSYCHODYNAMIC THERAPIESInternal conflict and unconscious factors that underlie maladaptive behaviorPsychoanalysis Insight conscious awareness of psychodynamics that underlie their problemsadjust behavior to current life situations rather than continuing their old routines learned in childhoodrepeated encounters and dealing with buried emotionsmotiveconflicts allows psychic energy previously devoted to keeping unconscious conflict under control to release better ways of livingFree association to say everything about their thoughts feelings and imagesFreud mental events are meaningfully linked with each other Doesnt directly lead to unconscious material but provide clues to important themes or issuesDream interpretation dreams express impulses fantasies and wishes royal road to unconsciousResistance have strong unconscious investment in maintaining status quoproblems result from certain unconscious conflicts that are so painful that the ego held it back May have difficulty in free association avoid talking certain topics resistanceTransference client respond irrationally to analyst as if they are an imp figure from the clients pastBrings out repressed feelings and maladaptive behavior patterns that the therapist can point outPositive transference client transfers feelings of affection dependency love to analyst
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