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Study Guide for Midterm 1

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PSYC 102
Paula Wilson

1PSYC 102STUDY GUIDE FOR MIDTERM 1 CH17 Attributionjudgments about the causes of our own and other peoples behavior and outcomes Personal attributioninfer that peoples characteristics cause their behavior Situational attributionaspects of the situation causes a behaviorAttribution Biases Fundamental Attribution Errorunderestimate the impact of the situation and overestimate the role of personal factors when explaining other peoples behavior context Self serving biastendency to make personal attributions for successes and situational attributions for failures ImpressionsPrimacy effecttendency to attach more importance to the initial information that we learn about a person Recency effectgiving greater weight to most recent information Mental setreadiness to perceive the world in a particular way Schemasmental frameworks that help us organize and interpret information Stereotypegeneralized belief about a group or category of people type of schema Selffulfilling prophecyoccurs when peoples erroneous expectations lead them to act towards the person in a way that brings about the expected behavior thereby confirming original impression AttitudesAttitudepositive or negative evaluative reaction towards a stimulus Theory of planned behavior intention to engage in a behavior is strongest when we have a positive attitude Cognitive Dissonance when two more cognitions contradict one another the person feels an uncomfortable state of tension Theory of Cognitive Dissonancepeople strive for consistency in their cognitions Selfperception theory make inferences about our own attitudes in much the same wayby observing how we behaveNorms Conformity ObedienceSocial normsshared expectations about how people should think feel and behave Social roleconsists of a set or norms that characterizes how people in a given social position ought to behave eg Police officer vs college student
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