PSYC 102 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Rorschach Test, Thematic Apperception Test, Y Chromosome

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Developmental psychology: study of continuity and change across the lifespan. Developmental stages: infancy 0-2 years, early childhood 2-6 years, middle childhood 6-11 years, adolescence 11-18 years, emerging adulthood 18-15 years, adulthood 25-65 years, late adulthood 65 years and older. Three prenatal stages (from conception to birth: germinal stage. 2-week period that begins at conception cells differentiate into specialized locations and structures: embryonic stage. Period that lasts from the 2nd week until about the 8th week. Differentiated cells develop into organs and bones. Period that lasts from the 9th week until birth. Rapid development in cns, brain"s axons and dendrites develop. Fetal movement usually by the 4th month. Eyes can open and close by 6 months. Myelination: formation of a fatty sheath around the axons of a neuron, allows for communication between neurons. Maturation: refers to changes that occur primarily because of the passage of time, in developmental psychology.

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