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PSYC 109W Study Guide - Final Guide: Twin, Prenatal Nutrition, Twin Study

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Owen Thomas
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Lecture 6 Evolutionary Psychology And Nature/Nurture!
Nature (Genetics)
Study of the relative power and limits of genetic and environmental
influences on behavior.!
Nurture (Environment)
Every non-genetic influence, from prenatal nutrition to the people and
things around us.!
How do we investigate the heritability of traits? (ppt4)!
Identical双胞 Twins 100%. Fraternal󰙅凤 Twins50%.!
Measure : IQ. Measure : IQ.!
-Rate of similarity. - Rate of similarity.!
Single fertilized egg. Separate eggs!
Identical Twins
Develop from a single fertilized egg that splits in two, creating two
genetically identical organisms.!
Fraternal Twins
Develop from separate eggs.!
Genetically no closer than brothers and sisters, but they share the fetal
Environmental pressure (捕⾷者是“PE”)
Genetic traits depend the survival rate of a species.
Ex. Rabbit A have the cognitive mapping trait
the proportion of variation among individuals that we can attribute to genes!
may vary, depending on the range of populations and environments studied !
the dependence of the eect of one factor (such as environment) on
another factor (such as heredity)!

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Twin studies of intelligence and personality. Identical twins tend to be
more similar than fraternal twins (as reflected in higher correlations)
with regard to intelligence and specific personality traits, such as
extraversion. These findings suggest that intelligence and personality are
influenced by heredity.
Men ( mate widely, lots of baby )!
preferred attractive physical features (youth and health!
1.good looks!
2.physical attractiveness! exciting personality!
Women ( mate wisely, normally 26 babies maximum )
preferred resources and social status. ( Quality)!
1.good financial prospects!
2.a caring and responsible personality !
3.ambition and industriousness!
1/5-year-old 5岁因为already pass five!
40/20-year-old 20岁因为 right status for mating!
Male marries young, female marries older !
B/C physics emotion female mature than male.!

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Female has better chance to reproduction!
Eggs are more rarity than sperms.!
Mourn哀悼 more at death of child: !
1. Mother ( 9 months pregnancy)!
2. Parent of the mother( 25% relate)!
3. Older parent ( less chance to reproduction again)!
Elicit引出 more grief悲伤?!
1. Death of son ( reproduction potential )!
2. Death of a health Child (reproduction potential)!
The mother of the mother will be happier than the mother
of the father!
B/C she knows must be 25% of her genetic 因为爸可能
会被戴绿帽 能确保真的有25% 基因.!
Experience aects brain development
Very little stimulation!
的笼的Environment reality (enriched), so the Rat brain cell develop
more complex than the Rat live in a small, impoverished (poor)
Rat brain
Rat brain
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