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Psyc 210 final review material for t-tests on means

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PSYC 210
Rochelle Fouladi

Psyc 210 final review material for ttests on meansUse these questions to facilitate studying the course material on ttests Ask a TA if you are unsure about the answers An answer guide will be posted on Tuesday Dec 21 When should a researcher use a repeated measures ttest on the difference between the means on two variables When should an independent samples ttest be used 2 Explain how the estimated standard error of the difference between the means of two related samples is affected by the correlation between the variables measured in the two samples eg when the correlation increases what happens to estimated standard error When it decreases If it equals zero3 What does the variance sum law say about the difference of the variances of two independent samples 4 When the assumption of homogeneity of variances is not met what implications does this have for the independent samples ttest on means think about estimated standard error of mean difference obtaining critical values5 True or false When two independent samples have different samp
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