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Chapter 8; pp334-352

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 221
Thomas Spalek

CHAPTER 8; pp. 334-352 False Memories, Eyewitness Memory, and “Forgotten memories” False Memories (p.334) – a memory of something that did not happen Memory Impairment (p.337) – a genuine change in or alteration in memory off an experienced event as a function of some later event - a specific interpretation of an early eyewitness memory results in which a subsequent piece of information replaces a memory formed earlier, thus impairing memory of the original information The Misinformation Effect – misleading information may cause witnesses to “remember” different things Source Misattribution – inability to distinguish whether an original event or a later event was the true source of information - suggests a confusion in memory; we cannot clearly remember the true source Misinformation Acceptance – accepts additional information as having been part of an earlier experience without actually remembering that information Source Memory – memory of the exact source of information Overconfidence in Memory – has two factors… 1. source memory is flawed; we can’t distinguish the original and a later event 2. processing fluency – the ease with
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