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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 280
John Reynolds

Ch 1 Biological PsychologyWhats bio psychNeuroscience study of the brain Behavioural neuroscience bio psych5 viewpoints biology of behaviourDescribe behaviourStudy the evolution of behaviourObserve the development of behaviour and its bio characteristics over the life spanStudy the biological mechanism of behaviourStudy the application of bio psycheg application to dysfunction of human behaviourResearch perspectives Description structural functionalEvolutionDevelopmentMechanismsApplicationsBehaviour typesSexualLearning and memoryLanguage and communicationCheck pg4 table 11 for relationship bw research and behaviour typesAnalytical description egmovement of armdescribe the positioncontraction of muscleFunctional description egmovement of armdescribe the arm was used for running texting etcDarwins theory of evolution and natural selection influence psych and bio in 2 perspectivesContinuity similarities of behaviour and biological processes among species cause of our common ancestry Differences in behaviour and biology that evolved through adaptations to different environmentsNature is conservativeOnce a certain feature of the bodybehaviour evolve they stay like that for million years Eg the electrical messages from nerve cells are the same with humans jellyfishes and cockroachesWe share common conserved passed on trait characteristics cause we have a shared ancestors But not all traits may be common cause of a common ancestormaybe t
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