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Ch 7 Life Span Development of the brain and behavior.doc

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 280
John Reynolds

Ch 7 Life Span Development of the brain and behaviorGrowth and development of brainstages Zygote fertilized egg 46 chromosomesfertilizedcell divides3 cell layers ectoderm mesoderm endodermneural groove midline bw neural foldsneural tube groove turns into tubeend of tube there are 3 subdivision forebrain or prosencephephalon telencephalondiencephalon midbrain mesenphalon hindbrain or rhombencephalon metencephalonmyelencephaloninterior of neural thbecomes fluidfilled ventricle of brain central canal of spinal cord aka the passage8 week development of organsembryofetusDevelopment of nervous system in 6 stages1Neurogenesis mitotic division of cells to produce neurons and form a packed layer of cells ventricular zone2Cell migration movement of cells to create nerve cell populations nuclei cerebral cortex etc3Differentiation cells form into types of neurons or glial cells4Synaptogenesis formation of synaptic connections as axons and dendrites grow5Neuronal cell death some cells die6Synapse rearrangement loss of some synapses and development of others In vertebrates the cells sort themselves out of cellcell interactions one cell affects the other next to themVertebrate development is less hardwired and more shaped by its environment signals affected by its enviroAfter birth the brain still grows bc of the branching dendrites elaboration of synapse increase in myelin and addition of glial cellsAdult neurogenesis creation of new neurons in the brain during adulthoodfrom experience learning physical exercise social lifenerve cells of the olfactory smell cells are r
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