PSYC 325 Study Guide - Parietal Lobe, Electroconvulsive Therapy, Thalamus

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Amnesia: memory deficits acquired through brain damage, anterograde. People may return to work, home, use compensatory devices. When severe, patients need constant care as they may forget where they are or where home is. Clive wearing: musician, contracted viral encephalitis, damaging mtl and prefrontal lobes, severe anterograde and retrograde, affects episodic. Case rb: mtl damage, restricted lesion of part of hippo, microscopic lesion of. Ca1 pyramidal cells in hippo: dense anterograde amnesia, some retrograde (2years) Amnesic syndrome: aware of their deficits, impairment of encoding new info to episodic and semantic while other cog functions intact, damage to hippo and/or mtl, implicit memory. Preserved ability to perform tasks that are influenced by a past event without person being aware of the event experience. Word fragment completion(implicit memory in amnesic syndrome: subject is given some letters and must figure out word (eg. s_h_l_r . Scholar : repetition priming is known to make solving them easier, memory conversations (conversations about past events/memories).

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