PSYC 330 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Donald Broadbent, Automaticity, Royal Guelphic Order

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For example, paying attention to both the tv and what you"re reading. Challenging to do two things at the same time. Performance depends on how much attention is paid to each task. Watching tv and studying at the same time. If paid more attention to tv, then studying will be less efficient. There are potential distractions when there is a background music, but the distraction is not as great when there are no lyrics to the music. Or when the lyrics to the music are in a different language, so it is not understood while multi-tasking. Reading at the same time as dictation. After practicing for 85 hours over 17 weeks normal reading speed and improved handwriting. But when first started, they had slow reading and poor handwriting. With sufficient practice, even seemingly incompatible tasks can be performed at the same time with little or not decrement in efficiency. Practice reduces the attentional demand of the task.

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