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Study Guides for PSYC 355 at Simon Fraser University

Adolescent Development

Exam Study Guides for PSYC 355

Covers all exam topics.

PSYC 355 Study Guide - Juvenile Delinquency, Major Depressive Disorder, Sensation Seeking

Chapter 13 ~ Problems in Adolescence and emerging Adulthood Biopyschosocial approach - Approach that emphasizes that problems develop through an interaction of biological, ...

PSYC 355
Robert Ley
PSYC 355 Study Guide - Poverty Threshold, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sexual Intercourse

Chapter 12 ~ Culture Culture - Behavior, patterns, beliefs and all other products of a particular group of people that are passed on from gene...

PSYC 355
Robert Ley
PSYC 355 Study Guide - No Child Left Behind Act, Eugene Lang, Learning Disability

Chapter 10 ~ Schools Constructivist approach - Learner-centered approach that emphasizes the adolescent’s active, cognitive construction of ...

PSYC 355
Robert Ley
ch9 definitions

Chapter 9: Exploring Peer Relations and Friendship Peers - individuals who are about the same age - used to describe an acquaintance, members of a clique, neighborhood associates, friends, and participants in an activity g...

PSYC 355
Robert Ley
ch5 definitions

Chapter 5 ~ Gender Gender - Characteristics of people as male or females Gender role - set of expectations that prescribes how females and males should think, act, feel Social role theory - gender differences mainly result...

PSYC 355
Robert Ley

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